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Hi I'm Sarah 

I started Pressed Floral as an original way to keep special floral arrangements forever in a beautiful way. With the help of my team, we work hard to treat your arrangements with the best care to deliver a perfect piece for you to keep forever. Thank you for choosing Pressed Floral. 

My personal favorite is the 18x24 frame, it brings the bouquet to life because of the space available to replicate the shape of the original so well. 



Talbot Rogers

Head Manager

I am from Boston Massachusetts! Pressed Floral has been one of my favorite jobs ever where we get to preserve people’s special memories everyday. My favorites flowers are baby’s breath, chamomile and of course wild flowers. You could say I am a simple gal but one of my favorite things to do is go hiking.

Becca Frodsham

Design Manager

I love flowers- especially ranunculus and kangaroo paw. I also love running and traveling. I grew up moving around a lot in Asia. I also love anything chocolate and every dog I see. But nothing makes me happier than working with flowers every day at Pressed Floral!

Sadie Bingham

Designer/Customer Service

I’m from North Carolina! I love all things art, traveling, good food, and my dogs. I love working at Pressed Floral because it is such a creative environment! It’s so fun to see the flowers when they are all pressed and arranged together, and to see the final finished arrangement. My favorite flowers are roses, and I love our natural wood frames!

Baily Beaird

Preservation specialist

Hi! I’m from Franklin, Tennessee and I enjoy reading and scuba diving. I love seeing all the flowers that come through the shop and the way Pressed Floral creates something beautiful for brides to reminisce on their most special day! My favorite flower is a white anemone but my favorite pressed are any purple flowers.

Lina Harris


Hi! I’m from Seattle, WA. I’m currently studying marketing and love working for Pressed Floral! I recently got married in June and had my bouquet pressed, and am so happy that I get to keep my bouquet forever. I love being able to promote Pressed Floral through digital marketing, and hope to continue to share my love for Pressed Floral with others!

Sanne Larson

Brand and Preservation specialist

I was born and raised in Midway, UT.  I’ve been working for pressed for about 4 months now and it’s been amazing. This job is so special I love knowing that I can help people cherish a moment for the rest of their lives.    My favorite flower is definitely a peony they smell amazing.  I also love the colored peonies pressed they always turn out so cute.  

Katie Fife

Preservation specialist

 I am 18 years old, born and raised in Las Vegas! Currently a bio major at UVU, hoping to get into med school! Love the idea & atmosphere of pressed floral; i am  a sucker for all things plants or flowers! My favorite are baby daisies!

Sage Harness

Customer Service/ Preservation specialist

I am from Mapleton, UT. I started working for Pressed Floral in April of this year and I love it! My favorite part about working for Pressed Floral is the group of girls I get to work with. Working together to create beautiful frames is the best part of the job! One thing I like to do outside of work is go hiking! There are always such pretty wild flowers in the mountains.