a sentiment to last forever 


Hello, my name is Sarah 

I started pressed as an original way to keep special floral arrangements forever in a beautiful way. I am such a sentimental person. I never want emotions of a good day or a good person to end. I combined that with my creative heart and love for flowers to create pressed. Wedding bouquets, funeral spreads, and anniversary flowers are all too special to just survive for a week or so. Why not preserve them for a forever keepsake?? I love what I do and feel connected with how important these floral arrangements are to you. Let us be sentimental together. 

I have dedicated my time to learning how to do what I do. Each flower requires different amounts of care and attention. I take on the responsibility to give all of your flowers the attention that they need. Pressing flowers is such a delicate technique. I am confident that you will love to hang your floral framed piece for the rest of your days. Thanks for the love! 


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