Is your Bouquet already dried? Got married years ago and still want your flowers framed in a beautiful way? Pressed is now offering shadow box arrangements. These preservations are handled with so much care with the intention to keep the style of your bouquet and be a beautiful piece of art to keep forever. It is unique to you.


With this booking I will receive your already dried bouquet, I will piece it apart and arrange it in a shadow box to keep forever. Any remaining flowers will be returned back to you. Flowers will be arranged based on the current condition that they are in when I have recieved them. you have any special requests I would love to hear and fulfill them for you!! You will either be shipping to, and I will ship back or dropping off and picking up. Whatever is manageable for you. So excited to work with you, I love being sentimental together.


All clients are responsible for shipping and getting their bouquet to me in Provo or Kaysville, UT. Included shipping cost is shipping to send the frame when it is finished. Shipping your bouquet is your responsibility. I will send info on the best ways to do that after your order is in! If you are local please specify and we can coordinate drop off and pick up.


*Note that* 

-Additional flakes and crumbling for its lifetime is unavoidable, but can be easily removed whenever customer would like

-There are some dried bouquets that will not be in good enough condition to frame. You will be required to send a photo of your bouquet to me after ordering. If the bouquet is not manageable you will be refunded and the order will be cancelled. 

Shadow box 14x18

PriceFrom $365.00