Upon purchase, your gift voucher will be emailed to you. It will be valid for one time only and will be valid for the person you insert as "the name of who you are you gifting this for (first, last, future last name)". You can then choose how to gift it to the bride. You can email it to her, print it off, etc. 


Hi! Pressed is here to preserve, press, and frame your wedding bouquet so that it can be kept forever in a beautiful way! These preservations are handled with so much care with the intention to keep the style of your bouquet and be a beautiful piece of art to keep forever. It is unique to you. Ditch the idea of throwing away your bouquet or hanging drying it. I would love to preserve yours forever. If you have any special requests I would love to hear and fulfill them for you!! You will either be shipping to, and I will ship back or dropping off and picking up. Whatever is manageable for you. So excited to work with you, I love being sentimental together.


Sizing is 16x20in with an option to go larger to 18x24in. All clients are responsible for shipping and getting their bouquet to me in Provo, UT. Included shipping cost is shipping to send the frame when it is finished. Shipping your bouquet is your responsibility. I will send info on the best ways to do that after your order is in! If you are local please specify and we can coordinate drop off and pick up. 


Arrangements are fully pressed, preserved, and framed. The frames are wooden float frames. The orientation is decided based on the style of your bouquet, if you have personal requests on if it is to be hung horizontally or vertically, please specify in the comments! 


Total time is 7-10 weeks until the finished product! This is to ensure that the flowers are completely dried and the final product is perfect for you. You will be sent a photo of your frame before it is returned to you, in case you have subtle changes to be made. 


*Note that* 

-Flowers are best within a week of the event, and will be worked with however they are received! 

-Colors can change in the drying process and can fade over their life in the frame.

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